crypto ux


Although computers have been around since the 1940s and the internet since the 1980s, it is not until they were made simple, intuitive, and useful to the common man that they truly began to radically reshape every part of society.

Making emerging technology like Bitcoin useful for the average individual requires deep understanding and empathy; both of the technology being created, and the needs of people for which it serves. Thus, the crux of the job of a ‘user experience designer’ is to take the technologists, philosophers, and researchers vision of the future and translate it to the masses.

The ‘UX designer’ is the liaison between cutting-edge technology and the mainstream population.

rally the designers

* Provide resources for designers looking to contribute

* Create ways to make Bitcoin contributions more rewarding and attractive for designers

* Create guidelines on how to present a design to a community with reasoning, and how the community can review the design in a constructive way, and reach consensus on solutions

* An open job board for designers to find bitcoin and crypto projects that need design support

arm the developers

* Create specs, guidelines, and workflows for common UX problems in the Bitcoin space.

* Compile existing visual design resources, such as open source icons, readable fonts, and established UI components

* Create open source design systems & standards like [link], [link]

sprinkle magic on existing projects

* Provide design support to existing projects. This can include tactical work such as: UX reviews, consulting, mockup creation, branding

* Inject design thinking into Bitcoin circles through design sprints and creative workshops

* Conduct & publish foundational research or usability studies to better understand painpoints and user needs

create new experiences

*Bringing Bitcoin to a mainstream audience may require leaps in intuitive thinking, novel new approaches, and creating new ideas built from the ground up

*UX designers should create new product ideas focused on user needs and solving real problems